Top 5 Shaders For Minecraft 1.18 | Updated 2022 [ REVIEW / DOWNLOAD ]


Shaders Minecraft

What are shaders?

    Famous and very long used in Minecraft, shaders are textures that are or minecraft more realistic. Most of them new looks for specific things like water, clouds and shadows

What is needed to run the shader?

    You will only be able to install a shader in minecraft if Optifine is already installed. With minecraft open, go to Options > Video Settings > Shaders. Now just select your shader and you will have your ultra realistic minecraft.

1. Complemetary Shaders

complemetary shaders 1.18

    One of the best looking shaders in Minecraft, Complementary Shaders has improved brightness on almost everything. The game looks very nice at night as torches and other items that emit light are enhanced by light effects. Also these shaders add reflections on certain blocks which makes the game much more realistic.


2. Seus PTGI HRR

    This one is just beautiful, much more realistic than previous shaders, Seus PTGI HRR has a greater focus on representing the real world in Minecraft. His most impressive point is the shadows that change according to the environment the player is in. In addition to all this, the water in these shaders is very beautiful, your screen should be a little blurry when you enter the water, this is to better represent reality.

3. BSL Shader

    Despite being one of the oldest shaders in Minecraft, the BSL Shader remains as beautiful as the current ones. Its most characteristic adjournment is the sun rays, which change according to the player's perspective, that is, the rays appear in different ways if the player looks at the same block in different ways.



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