Top 5 Best Terror AddOns For Minecraft PE | MODS

terror addons minecraft
Horror games have always been very famous, now with the popularity of Minecraft, modifications that bring creatures like Slenderman, Animatronics, SCP and much more are in high demand. Here are 3 amazing horror addons that you can install in your Minecraft:

1. SCP: Dystopia

scp dystopia

It contains a lot of 3D decorative blocks and doors, but what really matters are the monsters it adds. The addon contains SCP-096 and many others. There are also helicopters that spawn warriors that fight SCPs. The addon also adds many decorations and sound effects.

2. Specimen Zero V2 Horror

specimen zero

This addon adds characters from specimen zero horror games. If you like to play horror games, this addon is for you. The creatures are very well modeled and animated. In addition, the addon has many sound effects to make the experience even more realistic.

3. 096 ADD-ON

096 addon

Are you a fan of SCP and like something scary to play? This addon is for you! It adds a mob with custom animations to your world and unique AI. SCP-096 or also known as Shy Guy is an SCP monster from the original game. It acts almost like the original game, if you bother it, run fast so you don't get attacked.



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