The Bests Parkour For Minecraft PE [MCPE]

Are you looking for something to be challenged? Something where you need a lot of agility and courage? These parkour maps will challenge everyone from the experienced to those new to parkour.

 The White - This map has an incredible amount of 49 different levels, but none of them are especially difficult to complete. Your task is to find a way to the button and press it to complete the level. If you are a beginner and have no experience in parkour, this addon is for you, because it is made especially for beginners.


SG The Grid - Are you ready for some parkour? Well, I sure hope so, because here is a map that includes a total of 100 levels. If you enjoy parkour then you'll definitely find this map both enjoyable and challenging. In addition to parkour, you are also challenged to find 100 Chicky eggs to receive a massive prize. 


The Floor Is Lava - Floor Is Lava is a parkour and minigame where you have 10 seconds to examine a room before the floor turns to lava and you have to escape. When the count reaches 0, the lava will turn into lava and you will be teleported to your starting location. Find a way to escape the room without falling into the lava!




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