The Bests Furniture Addons For Minecraft PE [MCPE]

 Bony162 Furniture - This addon adds over 110 different types of furniture to use for decoration, including chairs, sofas, TV, lamps, stove, toaster, and many others. Some of the decorations you can interact with are cupboards, drawers, lamps, and even a TV with a picture, small plates can be stacked, and the speaker plays music. 


Hyva Furtniture - This addon will improve your interior design needs in your minecraft world, there are about 100 pieces of furniture available in the addon. Present in the addon are 3 different varieties of sofa (left, right and middle) which means you can give the freedom to arrange your world to your liking. There are also gamers' decorations, such as PC, Phone and even Laptop.


Modern Furniture - Modern furniture is a decoration addon prepared for both a survival world and a creative game. The addon features over 160 pieces of furniture with color variants and more!

The addon is about a collection of modern furniture to decorate your house, the addon is meant to be not so modern (not to go beyond the parameters, such as complex electronic or mechanical devices that break the game) or to want to saturate your house with polygons, which are in the end simple and beautiful.




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