The Best Terror Addon MInecraft PE [MCPE]


Are you after a horrifying adventure in your Minecraft world? Or, are you looking to make your world more challenging with strange creatures? These addons will make your Minecraft world more scary and challenging with creatures never seen before in your world.

SCP: DYSTOPIA - It contains many 3D decorative blocks and doors, but the most striking thing about this addon are the monsters you will find. This addon contains SCP 096 and many others. There are also helicopters that appear with warriors that fight with the SCP and with frightening sound effects.


096 Addon-on - It adds a custom mob to your world with custom animations and unique artificial intelligence. The 096 is an original SCP monster, it acts almost like the real 096, once you get a look at it, try to dig straight down, because whatever you do, you will still be killed by it. The creature moves in a very realistic way, so be smart when you see one of these near you.


TerribleWorld - This addon adds monsters from movies and myths in your minecraft world, this addon adds Wendigo, Rake, Alien, Siren head and many others. You can get trophies of statues of bosses that defeating them will get you.




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