The Best Maps For Minecraft PE [MCPE]

If you are after a different world to have fun in alone or with your friends, these maps are for you!!! The best maps for fun in your Minecraft world.

 AmongUs - This map works similarly to the current game between us, but many of the tasks are simplified. There are also work sabotages. Some aspects have been changed since this is Minecraft, after all. 

Rainbow Lucky Block Race - A map in which you will have to face enemies, obstacles, unpredictable explosions, falling into the void, and much more, but it's not all bad, you can also find magical weapons on your way that freeze your enemies, cast lightning, send them flying, and several more like magic orbs, swords, medkits, and others.


Minecraft In On Block - This is a map in which you will start on a block, from this block you will have to get everything you need to go and kill the enderdragon.

To start the game, you will have to destroy the only block in the world, the one under your feet. But don't worry, another one will appear, and then another, and then another. Many things can appear, such as: blocks of different types, minerals, chests, animals or monsters, so be careful each time you break the block. 




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