Do you like The Sims? Take a look at these 3 Similar Mobile Games


The Sims

    The Sims is a very famous game that consists of simulating real life. In it you can do everything you can in real life, like make your character become, have children, build a house and so on. The last game released in the franchise is The Sims 4, which brings incredible new mechanics, DLC's and even online mode.

Mobile games similar to The Sims:

Below you can see some games similar to the sims for mobile, you can download all of them for free from the Play Store and Apple Store.

1. Idle Life Sim:

With a slightly different style, Idle Life Sim is perfect for those who like a more cartoonish style, in which you can do practically everything you do in The Sims, such as cooking, sleeping, having children and getting married. The game also has a great crafting system, allowing you to create beautiful homes in your own style!

2. Home Street: Virtual House Sim

Much like The Sims, Home Street Virtual House Sim is more focused on creating houses, without forgetting the interaction of the characters. In it you can adopt Pets, have a profession and even fully customize your character.

2. Dream House Days

With the same game mode as The Sims and Stardew Valley-like art. Dream House Days bring a new concept to Sims-Like games. Playing it you can edit your character as you want, have a happy life, construct your house and much more!



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